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It was his destiny!




The Sheikh is at the heart of a new era in the crypto world, merging the endless creativity of meme culture with the groundbreaking technology of the Solana blockchain. We are a community-driven token, built on the vision of token for everybody. With us everyone can became an arab Sheikh.

Our mission is to leverage the collective power of memes to create not just a token, but a movement. $Sheikh is where laughter and person meets opportunity, where every participant of the coin can become that he is not.

No matter what and from where you are. You can easily became and fulfill your dreams.


Phase 1

  • Create token;

  • Pass the AUDIT;

  • Create socials;

  • Create community;

  • PinkSale presale;

  • Upload instagram videos.

Phase 2

  • Finalize the presale;

  • Create market;

  • Get listed on Raydium and Jupiter;

  • 1M market cap;

  • 5 videos on instagram and 500 folowers.

Phase 3

  • CoinGecko listing;

  • CoinMarketCap listing;

  • Reach 3000 holders;

  • 10 instagram videos and 1000 folowers.

Phase 4

  • Giveaway a Thawb for 10 holders;

  • Common holders photo (all dressed in thobes) in Dubai to change twitter cover image;

  • TBA


Total supply: 10,000,000,000

Pre-sale: 65%

Liquidity: 30%

DEVS: 5%